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Professional services for real professionals

As a partner of the most influential global IT vendors today, we are obliged to follow their rules, best practice and certify our engineers and technicians according their internationally recognized certifications system. Our staff is in permanent educational process which means continuous training, practice work and examination to achieve requested certification levels, and award us with the highest level of partnerships.

01. Consulting

Whether you are planning a new IT project, or you need professional advice how to improve or upgrade your current IT infrastructure, our certified experts will help you to choose the right solution with the best price/performance ratio and help you to save the time and money. 

02. Systems Integration

Tel. +382-20-662616

We integrate different kinds of IT equipment from different vendors into unique IT infrastructure, according vendor’s standards and the best practice. Integrations means installation and configuration of the equipment and software, project management, training and final state documentation.

03. Maintenance & Support

Any IT infrastructure needs regular maintenance. Global vendors usually request that infrastructure have to be properly maintained and supported by their professional services. Our engineers are certified according to vendor specific programs for servers and other technologies, and can provide you the full maintenance service, including outsourcing of the IT staff.

04. Hardware Repair

We provide different kinds of Hardware Repair Services in our own Service Centre or in our partners' services, depending on brand of hardware vendor. All hardware replacement parts are genuine and approved by respective manufacturers and our technicians are certified for such a kind of services.

05. Passive Networking

We are building passive networking infrastructure in customers' existing and new premises, using Copper and Fiber Optic cabling, Rack cabinets, Patch panels, UTP/FTP/FO modular sockets and PVC/metal ducts and pipes. All installations are certified by appropriate testing and certification tools and instruments. 

06. IP Telephony

We have great experience in design and implementation of IP Telephony and Collaboration project using Yealink/Yeastar and Cisco solutions. New generation of Yealink phones support MS Teams as a collaboration platform. Please call or send a mail for more information.

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