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IT Consulting
& Services

We are team of experienced and certified IT professionals, working more than 25 years on demanding projects in different verticals: Government & Public administration, Telecom, Finance and Industry. Comprehensive final state documentation, Consulting and Proactive Maintenance of customers' IT infrastructure is our trademark and market recognition.

Our Services

Our Solutions

Comprehensive portfolio of Information Technologies helps our customers to use, process and save critical and valuable data.



Our server's portfolio consists of HPE, Dell and Lenovo solutions. These servers are optimized for security, as well as management, cloud and software defined infrastructure. 



Storages are the most critical part of any IT infrastructure, since they contain data. Our storage portfolio consists of HPE, Dell and Lenovo solutions, leading storage vendors.


Networking is a bloodstream of any IT infrastructure. Our broad Networking portfolio is based on HPE Aruba, Cisco, Dell and Fortinet solutions. All portfolio is optimized for cloud.



Security is the biggest challenge of any IT executive today. In digital economy, the most of company's data and sensitive information are located in vulnerable cyberspace. 



The best way to protect your data in the case of failure, ransomware or disaster, is to have copy of last consistent data which can be quickly restored to continue business operations.



Management of IT infrastructure can be very challenging task. To avoid troubles, complicated operations and associated costs, you should look at simple, affordable and efficient solutions.

Kaspersky Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) Optimum helps you identify, analyze and neutralize evasive threats by providing easy-to-use advanced detection, simplified investigation and automated response.

EDR Optimum is a part of Kaspersky Optimum Security, the SaaS-based solution that provides advanced detection, automated and managed threat hunting supported by Kaspersky experts, and guided response capabilities.


Ready to find out more?

On the following page you will find out more information about emerging technologies designed and developed by our partners, which shape the new world of opportunities and imagination for humankind and digital circular economy.

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